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About us

Since 1997 we have been designing and fabricating high-quality, made to order jewellery at our Kaya Wilbrandt Atelier. Our timeless and elegant collection comprises a range of individual designs geared towards an international circle of clients.

All our pieces are hand-made, no casting techniques are used.

Our designs are unique and timeless, and we choose the materials we use very carefully. Our gemstones are of the highest quality and we predominantly use untreated, non-heated or optically enhanced precious stones. Each piece of jewellery has an intrinsic relationship with the gemstone.

One of the signature features of our work is the use of unusual precious-metal alloys – be it 18ct cinnamon gold, 19ct purple gold or ochre-coloured 22ct gold.

As in recent years more and more people have shown an interest in our carefully handcrafted the pure gold pieces, we have decided to offer them on an international level and give potential customers the opportunity to acquire our the pure gold jewellery even if they do not live in or plan a trip to Cologne.

All pieces of the pure gold collection are also available in white gold, cinnamon gold, pink gold or platinum. As these pieces will be hand-made to order and on request only, please allow some time for delivery.

Responsible Sourcing

We make all our alloys ourselves, using only responsibly-sourced jewellery materials.

In line with our philosophy all our the pure gold pieces contain only precious metals sourced from recycling or conflict-free areas.

To ensure that all our materials come from responsible mining sources, we work with a precious metal supplier that supports conflict-sensitive sourcing practices. It is the first firm in Germany that has achieved Responsible Jewellery Council certification.

Chain-of-Custody certification is a standard recognised by the Responsible Jewellery Council, London, that aims to support claims for responsibly-sourced jewellery materials and certifies compliance with international standards (OECD Gold Guidance).