• thepuregold - Our Philosophy - 01


    We make the 21.6ct alloys ourselves and hence are able to guarantee that all our jewellery pieces are very well tolerated also by wearers with sensitive skin. We only use precious metals and high-purity copper as constituents in our alloys, all of which we mix ourselves.

    In line with our philosophy all our the pure gold products contain only precious metals sourced from recycling or conflict-free areas.

    Our precious metal supplier has obtained Chain-of-Custody certification a standard recognised by the Responsible Jewellery Council, London, that aims to support claims for responsibly-sourced jewellery materials and certifies compliance with international standards (OECD Gold Guidance).

  • thepuregold - Our Philosophy - 02


    Piece by piece, melted by hand over the flame, nuggets are formed from fine gold or 21.6ct gold alloys before

  • thepuregold - Our Philosophy - 03


    they are lovingly shaped into their typical, unique and distinctive final form. Though our nuggets come in different sizes, each with their own surface finish, they always have the same weight.

  • thepuregold - Our Philosophy - 04


    All our pieces are stamped manually and though we stick to the same sequence, the place of the hallmark varies slightly from piece to piece. This gives each of our jewellery items an unmistakable and distinctive look.

  • thepuregold - Our Philosophy - 05


    Careful after-treatment of each piece of jewellery and thorough quality controls guarantee consistently high processing standards.